Value Added Services by Geofram Piping Services

3D Piping Drawings

We possess the ability to create 3D Piping Isometrics, where our clients are able to provide us with P & ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagrams) and General Layout / Arrangement Drawings.

Where cost is a constraint, we are able to produce hand drawn 3D Isometric Sketches and where the client has a greater budget, we are able to produce 3D CAD Isometric Drawings. using Autocad 2013

As built Drawings

We further possess the ability to create “as built” sketches / drawings / isometrics of existing piping where our clients may require.

Quantity Surveying

We possess the ability to create bills of quantities; material lists; cutting lists; fabrication lists; etc

Condition Monitoring

We are able to monitor the wall thickness of pipes using ultra sonic equipment in order to determine critical area's that need replacement.

This reduces downtime associated with inspections and break-downs as this methodology allows us to identify spools that need to be replaced before they fail and this allows for proper planning, and thereby doing the change outs on planned maintenance shut-downs.